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Lawwill Knight Pro Cruiser standing in field, Crested Butte, CO, September 1979. Built in Oakland, CA. Owned by Erik Koski of Mill Valley, CA. Painted red, with gold rims. Static side view. At least 5 different bikes were shot at this site with the same background, Breezer  2, Richman, Pro Cruiser, Cook Bros., and a Ritchey. Photo by Wende Cragg.
Cook Brothers bike standing in field, Crested Butte, CO, September 1979. Built in Santa Ana, CA. Owned by Chris Carroll of Bicycles, Etc., Crested Butte, CO. Chrome plated, blue parts. Static side view
Ritchey bike labeled, T. Ritchey,  built for Gary Fisher. One of the first three ballooners built by Tom Ritchey in Redwood City, CA in March 1979. MountainBikes was founded in September 1979. Photo taken in Crested Butte, CO, September 1979. Owned by Gary Fisher of San Anselmo, CA. Blue frame. Static side view, in field.
In the beginning of 1979 Tom Ritchey built three frames, one for Gary Fisher, one for himself, and an extra one to sell. The latter is shown here. It was sold to James Macway of Marin. Later in the year Ritchey built nine more. They became the catalyst for MountainBikes, the company formed by Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly. Ritchey built about 25 more that year and by 1982 he had made about 750 frames. MountainBikes sold the completed bikes for 1400 retail. By 1980, with the new aluminum rims and skin wall tires Ritchey MountainBikes and Breezers weighed about 31 lbs. At Oh Be Joyful cabin, above Crested Butte.
In early 1979 Gary Fisher asked Tom Ritchey to build him a balloon tire frame. Tom built three, one for Fisher, one for himself, and one to sell. The bike pictured, Gary Fisher’s, is one of the first three Ritchey mountain bikes.Front view with wheel cocked, on rocks, Castle Peak in background at Crested Butte.
Line up of Breezers above Crested Butte, Colorado at Cumberland Basin camp, Fifth Annual Crested Butte to Aspen via Pearl Pass Klunker Tour, September 1980. Owners are, left to right, Wende Cragg, Denise Caramagno CK’s 2, Tim Schuyler, Denver, Joe Breeze, Dave Sigman, Steve Potts, Erik Koski.
Bikes strewn across top of Sea Tunnel Rock at head of Bear Valley. Joe Breeze’s 1980 Breezer in foreground. Lots of Panaracer Snakebelly tires, all. Photo by Wende Cragg.
Riders amassing in downtown Fairfax, CA for another Repack, January 1979.
Fairfax Parkade, downtown Fairfax, bound for Repack. Next to Vince Carlton’s brown pick up truck, left to right: Eric Fletcher, Chris McManus,  hidden, Joe Breeze, Bob Burrowes.
Fairfax Parkade, downtown Fairfax, bound for Repack. On Vince Carlton’s brown pickup truck, left to right,  Joe Breeze, Chris McManus, Mark Green, Ben Berto. Breezer  number 1 , primer red, on top of pile of bikes.
Rob Stewart loading bikes into Fred Wolf’s Repack bound truck in Fairfax, California, January 1979.
Loading bikes into Fred Wolf’s Repack bound truck in Fairfax, California, January 1979. KPIX, Evening Magazine reporter Steve Fox and producer Ken Palumbo standing to the left.
KPIX Evening Magazine truck in Fairfax to cover the Repack race, January 1979.
Arriving at Azalea Hill drop off point aboard Fred Wolf’s 1953 Chevrolet one ton stake side truck.
Unloading Frank Chappell’s 1954 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pick up truck across from Meadow Club. Rode to Azalea Hill from here, and then on dirt to Repack. Left to right,  Eric Bredt , astride bike, Joe Breeze, unident., Kent Bostick, holding Breezer  number 1, and Chris Lang.
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