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We are now the Crested Butte Klunker Collection

The Crested Butte Klunker Collection is in Crested Butte! Formerly the MBHOF

Come and see our Klunker Exhibit which highlights the Historic Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen, Fat Tire Bike Week and CBMBA . The exhibit features Klunkers, Hi Tech Vintage Bikes and townies. Our biking collection consists of items of memorabilia, including vintage bikes, components, classic photos, press clippings and stories from historic races and events.

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is open at its new location in Fairfax California. Here is their Website! Marin Museum of Bicycling To Join the Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame in Marin Click HERE!

Read the Crested Butte News Story about the move. The Marin Indepedent Journal Published this Story!

This is now The Crested Butte Klunker Collection website. We offer cyber travelers a way to educate themselves on mountain bike history without a trip to the Fairfax or Crested Butte museums. Check out the ARCHIVES section for magazines, vintage catalogues and photos. We have listed other websites on our Great Web Links page that have lots of historic information and photos. Check them out!!!

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2022 Pearl Pass Tour! September 10th and 11th.

Plan to COME ! Oldest MTB Event in the World !

Check out the Pearl Pass Tour Facebook Page

The 46th Annual Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen will be on the weekend of September 10th and 11th, 2022. If you would like to join the 46th Annual Tour please plan to be in Crested Butte on the morning of the 10th. We meet at the CB Mountain Heritage Museum at 8:30 am and the Tour leaves at 9:00 am sharp. Its a 2-Day ride for everyone this year unless you want to pedal on your own on Monday! Klunkers are WELCOME!!!There will be a Camp-out on Saturday Ride to Aspen on Sunday and back to Crested Butte Monday.  It is a 38 mile ride. Needless to say, make sure you are in top shape if you plan to ride this tour. Some folks arrange to have friends or loved ones pick them up in Aspen. Email us for more info or to let us know you are coming for the weekend ride and camp, aussy8754@gmail.com.
Weather permiting, this tour will be cancelled if there is too much snow or rain!

Email Austin at aussy8754@gmail.com or call Austin at 303.667.9692

The oldest mountain bike event in the world is repeated year after year on a September weekend. The first tour happened in 1976 when a group of Crested Butte rowdies pedaled and pushed their one-speed klunkers over the 12,705 ft. pass and on into Aspen. They didn't know what they were creating.

Wende Cragg Photo Gallery

Go to this PHOTO GALLERY page to see an awesome collection of Wende Cragg pictures fom the late 1970's through the early 1980's. These photos are from Marin County, Crested Butte and the Sierra Nevada. There are great pics of Repack and The Pearl Pass Tour. You may recognize some of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductees such as Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly and many more!  The Captions are now updated.  These photo are copyrighted. Please do not reproduce them without Wende's permission. Contact us if you want to get a hold of Ms. Cragg.

2018 Pearl Pass Tour Fun

The 42nd Crested Butte to Aspen Klunker Tour

     Once again Crested Butte’s rich and long history with Mtn Biking came to life this past Saturday and Sunday with the annual Pearl Pass to Aspen Klunker Tour. The line up and start at 4th and Elk, between the Heritage Museum and Donita’s Cantina, brought out all the color and camaraderie of the past along with the flair and innovation of today.
  In all, 25 enthusiastic bike riders from many parts of the country joined together for the 42nd Annual Tour. A sprinkling of new and old locals blended in with seasoned veterans of the tour, along with fresh new faces to the historic ranks. Special luminaries included Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductees, Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly, who traveled here to commemorate their participation in the tour in 1978, 40 years ago. Joe’s son Tommy Breeze came along for his second Klunker Tour in 3 years so he could ritualize the ride with ‘good ol’ dad’. Even Al Maunz came to the start Saturday morning to wish us all a safe and trouble free tour. He is one of a small handful of riders who started the Tour in 1976.
   Cameras were a-snappin and film was a-rollin as the eager/devoted riders left in a mass of hoopin and hollerin down Elk Avenue. What a roar the tires and the large crowd made when we left town. Right away the stories from way back a-go started coming out amongst the riders. I was lucky enough to settle in next to Dave Mo, long time Gunnison local and klunkerhead/Pearl Pass devotee as he shared the story about how he broke his arm on one of the early 80’s tours. Seems a fairly good sized cow just couldn’t get out of his way and the collision with said cow made him run out of talent and meet the ground. Unfortunately he impacted a rock and a bone in his arm lost that battle. Best part of the story was when he shared his name was then changed to Dave ‘Moo’ by friends.
   Under sun drenched skies and a perfect riding temperature the pack pedaled and pushed their way up Brush Creek road to the base camp. A sophisticated camp that had been put together by Austin and Alex on Friday night, with plenty of room for all the tents and firewood close by. One new fabulous addition to the Saturday ride was a mandatory ice cream sandwich break half way up to camp. Right there in the Igloo were 3 boxes of fancy Vanilla Bean/Brownie Sandwiches. Most riders were able to just dig in and polish one or even two off with no incentives, while others needed to assist their appetites by burning recreational dried flowers. At camp the scene was also ‘quite smoky’ and adult beverages were added to the fare, live music and singing began to fill the air. Several riders strummed and hummed popular songs for the rest of the evening, and of course too much wood was put on the fire.
   Sunday morning camp broke and the arduous 2 mile climb to the summit of Pearl Pass (12,705msl) began. We gathered at the top for quite awhile, everyone got a million pictures, more recreational flowers were burned and laughter and bullshit comprised the high altitude attitude. A few turned back to the CB side for their exit and the rest of us just let it fly on down the pass to Ashcroft and then into Aspen. A couple of the klunker riders with coaster brake rear hubs put strips of bacon in aluminum foil and then wired that to their rear hubs to see if the bacon would be cooked enough to eat by the end of the Pearl downhill. It was! Down in glitsville the Jerome Hotel filled our needs again for the 42nd time with food and drink and we were even given a deep discount on the bill for being “stinky ol’ mtn bikers from the little village on the other side of the pass, that continue to keep the history of our famed sport alive!” Remember, and this is a quote from the 1976 ride….. “A Race is Nice, But a Tour has Spice”
For more great pictures and stories galore go to the Pearl Pass Face Book Page and join us next year….donnie cook

2018 Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen September 8/9!

Plan to COME ! Oldest MTB Event in the World !

Go to the Pearl Pass Tour Facebook Page

The 42nd Annual Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen will be on the weekend of September 8 and 9-2018. If you would like to join the 42nd Annual Tour please plan to be in Crested Butte that weekend! 

We meet at the CB Mountain Heritage Museum at 8:30 am and the tours leave at 9:00 am sharp. If its the 2-day Klunker Tour you want plan to ride on Saturday September 8th, camp-out and ride to Aspen on Sunday the 9th.
If you want to ride it in one-day, Sunday the 9th we ride all the way to Aspen!

Klunkers are the desired method of travel for the 2-day ride. There will be a self-supported Camp-out on Saturday Night. The ride to Aspen over 12,705 ft Pearl Pass is on Sunday for both groups. We will shuttle folks home to Crested Butte Monday morning after celebrating and staying in Aspen Sunday night.  It is a 38 mile ride. Needless to say, make sure you are in top shape if you plan to ride this tour.

Some folks arrange to have friends or loved ones pick them up in Aspen. There is room for 12 ppl and bikes in the return van. Cost is $20.00 for the shuttle home to Crested Butte and $10.00 for gear to Aspen from Crested Butte.  Weather permitting; this tour will be cancelled if there is too much snow or rain!

Book your Sunday Aspen hotel rooms early and cancel them if you cannot go.

Email us at mtnbhof@yahoo.com or cbklunkers@yahoo.com or call 970.349.6482 for info


2014 Pearl Pass Tour - A Great Time

For 2014 Pearl Pass Tour pictures check out the Pearl Pass Facebook Page!!!

Pearl Pass Summit 1983

PPKT 8, 1983. The crew? Motley, to be sure! The bunch to the left are the 8 of us-3 Matts, 2 Joes, a Josh, a Fred, and an Eric-who packed Spike Riboli's '69 Chevy wagon, Hebdog's '71 Super Beetle, and Muireye and ShredReady's '64 21 window bus (later to be mine in '91), and spent a week getting to, pushing up, and riding back out of Cedar Grove up into Rae Lakes Basin and a patch of JMT/PCT at the crest of the Sierra, before heading to the Butte and Fat Tire Bike Week. Left to right, zigzagging through us all: Matthew T Murray, GP Joey Petersen, Joe 'Spike' Riboli,Joshua Josephson, EricBeneken, ShredReadyFreddy Falk, MattHebberd, yours truly Hansquini, Charlie Cunningham, and The Witz Marc Horwitz. My Trailmaster was a mere few months old at this point, if even that, but already well versed in bikepile! An epic 2+ week roadtrip that we celebrated a 20th reunion of with a week in Oregon.

New Fairfax Location

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is now located at 1966 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax, California

Buffalo Soldiers Web Link

In 1897, 20 soldiers, an army surgeon and a reporter led by Lt. James A. Moss, rode bicycles from Fort Missoula in Montana to St. Louis, Missouri. The trip was made as an experiment to see whether the bicycle could serve a useful purpose in the Army. 1890s America was also experiencing a bicycle-craze due to the recent invention of the "safety bicycle" (a bicycle with wheels of equal size and chain driven). Accounts make it clear that Moss had a romantic streak, and enjoyed the outdoors, as well as what he referred to as "the poetry of cycling".

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