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The CB Klunker Collection is very thankful for the continued support of Mountain Bike history provided by Kona!


Winter: 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Summer: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
  * Closed Apr, May, Oct and Nov

Museum admission: $4.00

For more Museum info, call the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum at (970) 349-1880. For Crested Butte Klunkers Call Kay and Don 970.349.6482


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Breezer number 1 standing in field, Crested Butte, CO, September 1979. Built by Joe Breeze in Mill Valley, CA, September 1977. Owned by Joe Breeze. Light blue frame. Static side view. At least 5 different bikes were shot at this site with the same background: Breezer, Richman, Pro Cruiser, Cook Bros., and a Ritchey.