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They’re husband-and-wife, business partners, soul mates and mountain-bike ride buddies. And now, hopeful nominees, MARK SCHULZE and PATTY MOONEY for this esteemed honor. These two come as a pair as they have pretty much been “attached at the hip” (unless riding mountain bikes) since the day they met – Valentine’s Day 1982.

While on a cross-country adventure in a tiny RV (Chinook) in 1986, Mark and Patty discovered the sport of mountain biking in Canada where mountains were named by how many headers you would take on the descent. When they returned home to San Diego at Christmas time in 1986, they bought a pair of mountain bikes for each other, and then started to ride a couple of times a week, and then they started to race.

In July 1987, after marrying in the Cleveland National Forest on their mountain bikes, Mark and Patty honeymooned in Big Bear Lakes and Mammoth Mountain, California, where they produced the world’s first mountain bike video, “The Great Mountain Biking Video (1988).” It was a how-to title written by Patty and videotaped by Mark that showcased mountain-bike pros (Ned Overend, Martha Kennedy, John Tomac, Julia Ingersoll, Tinker Juarez) who gave viewers their best tips on how to ride better and faster, and it had an official endorsement from NORBA. Also featured was Kevin Norton, who introduced Trials to the world. Because it was the first video of its kind, any true mountain-bike aficionado had to have this title in their personal video library.

Not many mountain bikers are aware of the fact that Mark is the guy who first invented the helmet cam in order to share POV footage of many magical mountain-biking trails with the viewers of New & Unique Videos’ mountain-bike titles.

Clips shot with the first helmet-cam rig created by Mark appear in “Great” as well as a few other titles that followed: “Ultimate Mountain Biking: Advanced Techniques and Winning Strategies” (1989), “Battle At Durango: First-Ever World Mountain Bike Championships” (1991) and “Full Cycle: A World Odyssey” (1994). These mountain-bike titles have sold in the tens of thousands since the late 80’s and will soon be available once again as DVDs and at Sony Online and Microsoft Store kiosks.

Here’s a clip of Mark wearing his heavy and unwieldy rig (a motorcycle helmet attached by cable to a VCR in a padded backpack) at a Carlsbad mountain-bike race (videotaped by Patty) in 1988.

What the couple find especially fascinating, as an aspect of mountain-bike history, is that the now obsequious Go Pro helmet cams utilized for dozens of sports, etc., can be traced back to Mark’s rig which was specifically tailored for the sport of Mountain Biking. Patty has been the behind-the-scenes photographer and videographer whose photos and video clips now document the invention of the video helmet camera.

But the couple’s contribution to the sport of mountain biking does not end there. No, not at all.

In 1993, they decided to produce an “endless summer on mountain bikes” - an around-the-world travel adventure called “Full Cycle: A World Odyssey.” They traveled to nine different countries (including the USA) in search of the world’s most beautiful trails. “Full Cycle” is not a shred-‘em-up documentary; it is a loving homage to Nature and her most awesome trails in dozens of places around the world. The most faithful viewers of this documentary have been – surprisingly? – children who ask to see it again and again. Yes, a family-friendly mountain-bike video. Even Grandma enjoys watching it.

Some highlights: Mark and Patty participated in the inaugural Mt. Everest Mountain Bike Rally along with a few others (including Julia Ingersoll and Johnny Weissenrider) and these mountain bikers introduced mountain-bike tourism to northern India.

And then in 1994, the intrepid couple carried the torch over to South Australia where they arrived, bearing the seed of mountain-bike tourism to Australia.

They brought comic relief to the world by becoming the first-ever under-water mountain bikers. You’ll see Mark flashing a peace sign from 60 feet under the Pacific Ocean off the cost of Costa Rica.

The couple also illuminated the sport of Trials in the Greek segment starring Ot Pi Isern. Shortly after that Ot Pi graced the cover of American Bicyclist Magazine doing a wheelie on a column with the Parthenon in the background.

Sometimes pioneers, instigators and innovators make their contributions to the world quietly. And such has been the case with Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney. But 25 years after Mark and Patty wedded on wheels, and then Patty wrote a script and then Mark pulled the trigger on a camera in order to bring the sport of mountain biking to the masses, perhaps it’s time for them to receive recognition for their work in popularizing the sport of Mountain Biking.

Patty and Mark were at the induction of CK Kelly, Gary Fisher, Jacquie Phelan and others at the inaugural Mountain Bike Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1988. At that time CK and Gary both commented that Mark and Patty should both be inducted, too, as purveyors of the sport of mountain biking around the world. Patty remembers laughing and saying, “I hope it’s not gonna be posthumous.”

The couple still ride together on their beloved San Diego trails. They no longer produce special-interest video titles, but they write, shoot, produce and edit for clients like IBM, Adidas and Extra. From time to time, Mark wears a Go Pro helmet camera (they sponsor him with gear because he is the inventor of the helmet cam) to document an interesting trail. And Patty, who is now an award-winning editor, uploads it to Youtube where there are now thousands of mountain-bike videos.