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Paul Sadoff

As the MBHOF approaches 100 inductees, how has this guy avoided the list of esteemed honorees? It may be because Paul Sadoff's contributions to mountain biking per se are often overshadowed by his contributions to other areas within cycling, particularly cyclocross, but that's still the mountains, no? Anyway, here are a few other reasons Paul Sadoff should be included among this group:

Rock Lobster is one of the few one man outfits that has managed to stay a one man operation rather than follow the oft-treaded path of expansion and implosion (or, alternately, yielding to corporate takeover). Paul's lobster-strewn garage eventually gave way to an off site shop in an industrial area on the Westside of Santa Cruz, but even today, you pick up the phone to call and Paul's the one answering. You swing by the shop on the way out to Wilderand Paul's there. You go on a ride, Paul's a fixture. This guy has built bikes for Olympians and for 'cross champions, but he'll still build a townie for your mom.

Paul is a completely unassuming, seemingly ego-less talent who has inspired a whole generation of frame builders. Some have apprenticed with him in his shop before heading off to establish their own companies. Rock Lobster seems to be the blueprint for many of these custom frame building operations; small, independent, iconoclastic companies who hand build to spec.

To return, specifically, to mountain biking, Rock Lobster has been building mountain specific bikes since the mid 80s, a time when I thought the only bikes meant for dirt were BMX. For the rest of that decade and into the next, as the popularity of mountain biking grew, Rock Lobster was (along with Bontrager, RIP) the bike that I first remember noticing as set apart from the ubiquitous Made in Taiwan models that still dominated the Santa Cruz scene. By the early 90s, I can definitively say that the first dedicated single speed mountain bike I (and I'm sure many others) ever set eyes on was a Rock Lobster. I couldn't quite get my head around the concept at the time. If I had known then what I know now. . .

Rock Lobster represents the perfect marriage of classic, old world craftsmanship with new world technology through Paul's utilization of modern materials. Free from frills, and un-phased by fleeting fads or trends, Paul's contribution to mountain biking are many but on the merits mentioned thus far, this guy should be a serious contender in either the industry or pioneer categories this year. Make him your 100th inductee. . .

Nomination submitted by Jason Christian